Onion Games' New Sandbox RPG Set To Release In 2023 - Gematsu

Onion Games’ New Sandbox RPG Set To Release In 2023 – Gematsu

onion games [22 articles]” href=”https://www.gematsu.com/companies/onion-games”>Onion Games’ new sandbox RPG, which was first announced in December 2020, will launch in 2023, has said director and game designer Yoshiro Kimura in a new “Ask Kimura” segment sent to subscribers of “The Secret Onion Cellar” newsletter.

As for the RPG theme, Kimura couldn’t share a definitive answer, but said, “What I can say is that this time I thought a lot about ‘kids.’ something I thought about.

RPG onion games [14,683 articles]” href=”https://www.gematsu.com/genres/rpg”>RPGs are known to have a specific theme. moon [8 articles]” href=”https://www.gematsu.com/games/moon”>moonfor example, concerned love, while Chulip was about to kiss.

The following concept art of the new RPG has also been shared:

Onion Games Sandbox RPG
Onion Games Sandbox RPG
Onion Games Sandbox RPG

Get the full Ask Kimura and Kimura’s latest letter below.

Ask Kimura

#01. When will the new game be released?

Thank you for this important question!

The answer is “next year”…but that’s all we can say for now!

At this point, we’re not in a place where we can announce a firm release date.

What we can say is that our first move will be to add a Steam page with an undetermined release date…

…I think, anyway.

And even then, it will probably still be six months before launch on any platform…

…I think, anyway.

In order to announce a release date, we need to be at a stage of development where we know we can absolutely meet that date…

…and we’re not there yet.

#02. What is the general theme of your new game, such as how moon spoke of love, and Chulip was it for kissing?

Thanks a lot.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions like this in English for a while, but haven’t had many chances to answer them yet. I’ll try to answer them more often from now on.

What is the theme of the game? That is the question.

I can’t give you a definitive answer, because I tried to fully understand this while creating the game…

What I can say is that this time I thought a lot about “children”. That’s the main thing I thought about.


Hi there.

This is Kimura-san, your indie game creator uncle. As you know, I am currently hard at work developing a new RPG. Today I want to talk about this “rose-tinted world”.

It seems that the number of Japanese developers creating indie games is increasing dramatically. And now, the past month has seen the debut of a TV drama titled Atom’s Last Shotabout a single-player, auteur, and indie gaming genius.

What incredible times we live in! I can’t believe there is a TV show like this in Japan! …But it’s a little weird. It’s honestly not very interesting. Maybe because there is no “chore” in it?

In the real world of indie games, there are far more frustrated developers than successful developers. What you thought was a bright, rose-tinged future actually turns out to be blood-stained!

In reality, the world of indie games is more about getting into a muddy and bloody battlefield.

Maybe it’s just that this show doesn’t portray that bloody burnout that many indie game developers have.

During game development, you constantly bleed your own living expenses and other labor costs, and you never know if the next infusion will show up in time for the game to come out.

Even then, and even if you create an extremely interesting game, there is no guarantee that it will see huge sales.

And even though we know it in advance, we game developers have to keep working to maximize our productivity. We have to keep moving forward.

Indie game developers are basically weird creatures who constantly run around, laugh, and play chess, while bleeding profusely.

Anyway, we will continue to work hard to complete the new RPG!

I’m pretty sure we’ll be completely sold out by the time it’s finished, so when that time comes, check the game out (and maybe buy it if you can)!

November 24, 2022
Your indie game creator uncle
(Yoshiro Kimura)

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