A portion of the far side of the Moon looms large just beyond the Orion spacecraft in this image taken on the sixth day of the Artemis I mission by a camera on the tip of one of Orion’s solar arrays.

NASA ‘stunned’ by sweeping moon views from Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft

NASA officials say the Artemis 1 mission teams are “giddy” after witnessing their Orion spacecraft’s performance so far on its way to lunar orbit.

Artemis 1 launched at 1:47 EST (0647 GMT) on November 16, blasting off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida in a spectacular demonstration of the sheer power of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The Orion spacecraft reached Earth orbit shortly after, then 87 minutes after launch performed a so-called trans lunar injection burn to send him flying towards the moon. Monday (21 November), Orion performed another burn to send the spacecraft close enough to the lunar surface to take advantage of the moon’s gravity to pull the spacecraft around the moon into a distant retrograde lunar orbit.

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